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Since 1994 in Extrusion Blow Mould

DAEKWANG is a specialized in mould maker by extrusion blow mould.
The corporate policy is particularly focused on the technological developments, in pace with the ever increasing specific requirements of an international customers.

The constant investment in training the human resources, in finding the latest equipment to provide the manufacturing process the utmost efficiency, is all the basic components of a corporate mindset that put as a priority the customer satisfaction as a priority, as well as the optimization of the final product.

The partnership with the client, in order to assure the understanding and fulfillment of the specific requirements, is also active in the after-sale stage of the project: We would offer the client his worldwide after-sale services, thanks to an international network of partners who take care of every requirements.

Structure and Staff

Clients are looking forward to in DAEKWANG the utmost flexibility and cooperation, so our staff is always and completely at your disposal to provide the best quality and satisfaction.

At all levels the structure is organized in a smooth and flexible manner, in order to quickly respond to customer’ requirements, whether it be for assistance before and after-sales or during the process of the project.

Our staff, cooperating closely to the client in a strong synergy, guarantees the development of any kind of project from the design of the plastic items to the production of the mould, passing through an engineering stage led by a highly skilled technical team.

주소 67. Saneop-ro 7beon-gil, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14441, Korea